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Call for Papers
Topics of Interest

June 21,22,23, 2023

The second workshop on “Collaboration in knowledge discovery and decision making.”


In a knowledge society, the term knowledge must be considered a core resource for organizations. So, beyond to be a medium to progress and to innovate, knowledge is one of our most important resources: something necessary to decide. Organizations that are embracing knowledge retention activities are gaining a competitive advantage. Organizational rearrangements from companies, notably outsourcing, increase a possible loss of knowledge, making knowledge retention an essential need for them. When Knowledge is less shared, collaborative decision-making seems harder to obtain insofar as a “communication breakdown” characterizes participants’ discourse. At best, stakeholders have to find a consensus according to their knowledge. Sharing knowledge ensures its retention and catalyzes the construction of this consensus.


Our vision of collaborative decision-making aims not only at increasing the quality of the first parts of the decision-making process: intelligence and design but also at increasing the acceptance of the choice. Intelligence and design will be done by more than one individual, and constructed together the decision is more easily accepted. The decided choice will then be shared. Thereby where decision-making could be seen as a constructed model, collaborative decision-making, for us, is seen as the use of socio-technical media to improve decision-making performance and acceptability. The shared decision making is a core activity in a lot of human activities. For example, the sustainable decision-making is the job of not only governments and institutions, but also broader society. Recognizing the urgent need for sustainability, we can argue that to realize the sustainable development, it must be considered as a decision-making strategy. The location of knowledge in the realization of collaborative decision-making has to be regarded insofar as, knowledge sharing leads to improve collaborative decision-making: a “static view” has to be structured and constitutes the “collaborative knowledge”. Knowledge has an important role in individual decision-making, and we consider that for collaborative decision-making, knowledge has to be shared. What is required is a better understanding of the nature of group work”. Knowledge has to be shared, but how do we share knowledge?


Decisioning 2023 is the second workshop on Collaboration in knowledge discovery and decision-making: It has been organized by six research teams from France, Argentina, and Colombia, to explore the current frontier of knowledge and applications in different areas related to knowledge discovery and decision-making. The format of this workshop aims at the discussion and knowledge exchange between the academy and industry members.


Decisioning 2023 invites submissions on the following topics. Papers presenting original results on research, teaching, and industrial viewpoints are welcome.



Popayán, Colombia


The topics of interest are not exhaustive:


  • Knowledge Discovering Applications
  • Knowledge Representation and Modeling
  • Knowledge Maintenance
  • Knowledge Elicitation
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Knowledge applications to sustainability and agriculture
  • Expert Systems
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Content Management and Knowledge Management Systems
  • Workflow Management Systems
  • Ontology Engineering (Modeling, Mapping, Integration)
  • Data Mining
  • Knowledge representation and ontologies to sustainability and agriculture
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Text Mining, Classification and Summarization
  • Information Storage, Annotation and Retrieval
  • Unstructured and Semi-Structured Data Retrieval
  • Data Simulation, Modeling, and Visualization
  • Information and Knowledge Integration
  • Knowledge graphs
  • Sustainable decision-making
  • Knowledge management and sustainability

General Chairs:

  • Cesar Collazos, Universidad del Cauca, Colombia. <>
  • Diego Torres, Universidad Nacional de La Plata-Universidad Nacional de Quilmes, Argentina. <>
  • Mario Lezoche, University of Lorraine, France. <>

Organizing Committee:


Important Dates

(for papers and reports)


  • Paper submission: April 17, 2023
  • Notification due: April 21, 2023
  • Final version (camera ready): May 26, 2023
  • Workshop: June 21,22, 23, 2023


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